Discussion: Family Relationships

Discussion: Family Relationships

Discussion: Family Relationships

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The next genogram component is the family relationship to describe the union of 2 individuals, typically through marriage. Other family relationships are divorce, separation, cohabitation, engagement, etc. Each completed genogram needs a legend to describe the various symbols. This legend should include the emotional relationship and family relationship lines indicated on your genogram.

GenoPro uses this type of indicator for emotional and relationship lines. When there may be a discrepancy between this document and GenoPro, use GenoPro.

image3.png Legend of family relationships

Each type of family relationship is described in the table below:

image4.png This family relationship represents a married couple. There is no special symbol to distinguish a civil marriage and/or a religious marriage.
image5.png This is the generic symbol to describe a married couple no longer living together. A separation is displayed by a single oblique bar.
image6.png The married couple is separated and started legal procedure for an eventual divorce. If you know a couple is separated but you are not sure about the legal procedure, it is recommended to use the separation in fact symbol.
image7.png The married couple has divorced. No comments.
image8.png The marriage was annulled. This is a rare case, but it must be included.
image9.png One of the spouses died while married. Use this symbol only when the surviving spouse re-married. Otherwise, everyone in your ancestry will be widowed.
image10.png The two individuals are in the process of getting married.
image11.png Same as above except the individuals are living together before getting married.
image12.png There is a legal paper trail about the cohabitation. The two individuals have written contract about the cohabitation status, involving benefits such as parental responsibility, common ownership, and inheritance.
image13.png The two individuals no longer live together and are in the process of terminating their cohabitation contract.
image14.png The cohabitation contract has been terminated.
image15.png One of the partners is deceased. This situation is similar to widowed; the difference is the two individuals had a cohabitation contract rather than a marriage contract. Again, use this symbol if the surviving partner has had other partners, or every legal cohabitation will end by either a separation or a death.
image16.png Although there is no legal definition of cohabitation, it generally means to live together as a couple without being married. Use this relationship to define the generic common law spouse. There is no such thing as illegal cohabitation.
image17.png The generic symbol of two individuals no longer living together.
image18.png The two individuals lived together until one of the partner died. Same as legal cohabitation and decease, but no cohabitation agreement had been written.
image19.png A relationship where two individuals live together, but there is no affection towards another.
image20.png The action of seeing someone or dating. Be aware the terms boyfriend and girlfriend are often used for cohabitation, but not exclusively.
image21.png The two individuals are no longer dating. This could be called ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Be aware, the term ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend may also be used for cohabitation and separation, but not exclusively.
image22.png This is the polite term for having a mistress or a one night stand. Select this relation if children are the product of such a relationship.
image23.png One individual is abusing or has abused the other individual, including date-rape, drug-rape, and wife-rape. This type of relationship is mostly used in therapy or when a child was the product of such relationship.
image24.png A relationship not specified in the list above or is unknown to the creator of the genogram. Use this symbol to highlight an unusual type of relationship.
image25.png A blank value is used to describe an unspecified relationship when creating a new family. This is the symbol used to indicate that the user has not yet specified the type of relationship.
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