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800-1000 words

Please use Aflac as the company below

After viewing the Week 2 Live Chats and the assigned readings (text and unit resources) regarding the topic of recruiting and labor markets, and human resource selection, construct a paper of 2–3 pages that addresses the following for large organizations in general (not just the organization you have selected for the Key Assignment):

  • What are some ways that labor markets can be identified and approached?
  • How has Internet recruiting expanded, and what impact has this had on the recruitment process?
  • Describe several external and internal recruiting resources and any issues associated with their use.
  • What is the importance of application screening in the selection process?
  • Describe 3 types of selection procedures and any legal concerns associated with their use.
  • Do legal concerns during the selection process impact background investigations and medical examinations of applicants? Why or why not?

Please provide a minimum of 2 scholarly resources to support your discussion.

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