Deliverable 1 – Securities Markets


Differentiate diverse market types to utilize market mechanics.


You have been recently hired by Bank of Wealth Investment Brokers as a Portfolio Analyst. On your first day in the position, the Portfolio Manager requested that you design a short in-service training session for the new research interns in your department on the mechanics of the primary and secondary markets, including the various types of security regulators and a brief history of the stock market.

You will need to develop an Information Sheet that explains the similarities and differences between the primary and secondary markets, a list of security regulators and their functions, and a brief overview of the stock market. An Information Sheet will provide brief and clear information on the required subjects. Often, bullet points and question and answers are used in an Information Sheet; however, since interns will be expected to know and understand the material thoroughly, your Information Sheet should be more detailed and offer supporting evidence, including a reference list.

  1. The Information Sheet should give the interns enough information to understand the differences and similarities between the primary and secondary markets, the roles and types of securities regulators, and a brief history of the stock market.
  2. Be sure to use audience-specific language and tone in the Information Sheet. Remember, you are writing this Information Sheet for the interns; however, the Portfolio Manager may read it.
  3. Be creative, and make your Information sheet fun, yet still clearly organized.