Define the term Short Answer Vocabulary Words

Define the term Short Answer Vocabulary Words

Short Answer Vocabulary Words define the term and what is the significance of this term in relation to American politics .Chapter7-8-9-10-11-12-13

Week 7 – The Presidency

Executive Orders

Presidential Veto


Head of State

Head of Government

Electoral College

Week 8 – The Bureaucracy


Congressional Oversight

Recall (CP)

Whistle Blower

Week 9 – The American Legal System and The Courts

Judicial Review

Judicial Activism

Week 10 – Public Opinion

Public Opinion

Political Socialization

Exit Polls

Random Sample

Week11– Parties and Interest Groups

Free rider

Public interest group

Social protest


Week 12 – Voting, Campaigns and Elections

Rational Nonvoter

Negative Advertising

Voter Mobilization

Week 13- The Media


Horserace Journalism

Political Accountability