Critique of an NCAA or College University Athletics Policy or Principle writing homework help

Critique of an NCAA or College University Athletics Policy or Principle writing homework help

Critique of an NCAA or College/University Athletics Policy or Principle

This assignment involves students identifying an NCAA or college/university athletics related policy or principle (e.g., amateurism, 4-4 transfer rule, concussion protocol, and social media usage) then writing a brief position paper that reflects your position on that specific policy or principle. If you are uncertain about your identified NCAA or college/university policy or principle, please consult with the instructor or teaching assistant for approval. Your brief position paper should be at least 500 words. It should not be anecdotal, but contain a position that has some logical, supporting evidence. Please include at least 3 scholarly works or literature (not including the assigned texts) to support your position. The purpose of this assignment is to allow students an opportunity to critique an NCAA or college/university related policy or principle that exists, and to demonstrate their knowledge about how to question and build an argument for or against an existing athletics policy or principle.

This assignment should be written in essay form and should address the questions below. You might consider developing subheadings in the paper based on these questions in order to provide guidance and direction to the reader.

1. Does the identified policy or principle have a title? If so what is the title?

2. Describe the focus, purpose or concentration of the identified athletics policy or principle.

3. What organization or affiliate created the policy or principle; and what organization or affiliate is responsibility for carrying out the athletics policy/principle or perform whatever task is being described by the policy or principle?

4. How long has this policy or principle been in existence?Present its original date and include any information that indicates whether it has been re-written or changed in any manner since it was developed and enacted.

5. What is your position on the athletics policy or principle?

6. Recommendation(s) for strengthening the identified policy or principle?