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I had to do an observation on a criminal hearing. The case I observed was actually my daughters case. At 7 months old she had a broken left femur from a daycare provider. So below are the charges she got but only walked away with the Neglect charge. Don’t forget to use the resources I have provided you below in the upload called Course Materials.

  • · First, locate Wisconsin statutes which govern the crime with which the defendant was charged in the case you observed. Here is the charge she had gotten, Count 1 had gotten dismissed but Read In.
    · COUNT 1
    · Child Abuse-Recklessly Cause Great Harm, Felony E, Wisconsin Statutes 948.03(3)(a)
    · Sexual Assault of a Child / Physical Abuse of a Child by a Child Care Provider, Wisconsin Statute 939.635 (Charge was Dismissed but Read In)
    · COUNT 2
    · Neglecting a Child, a class A misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 948.21(1)(a).
    · Does Wisconsin have mandatory, determinate, indeterminate or guideline sentencing options? In accordance with Wisconsin sentencing standards, what are the sanctions available for this defendant if found guilty? Hint: You can find Wisconsin statutes and other information at
    · You will need to then research the cases affecting the law the defendant was accused of violating. Locate a minimum of two U.S. Supreme Court cases dealing with the observed criminal proceeding. Although the constitutional issues will differ, the cases should be based on the criminal activity of the case or cases you
    · State v. Rundle 176 Wis. 2d 985 (1993)
    · State v. Consaul
    · Using what you found during your research, brief the two precedent cases of the observed law or proceeding. The briefs should have the proper format as shown below!
    Case Title Citation
    Issue of the case: Should be in question form.
    Supreme Court Decision
    MajorityDissenting decision
    For information on the specifics of how to brief a case, please visit the following website:
    o How To Brief a Case

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