Configuring A Secure Wireless Network, Part 1

The purpose of this document is to provide information to students on the requirements for individual assignment grading; including point distributions. Students can use this as a grading guide or “check list” before assignment submission to assure inclusion of all deliverables.

Individual Assignment: Configuring a Secure Wireless Network, Part 1

Your office has implemented a WLAN and needs you to configure the WLAN environment with three Cisco Meraki MR62 wireless access points (WAPs) in order to access the Internet and intercommunicate. Security is not overly important at this time.  

WAP Placement:

The Visio® diagram provided and Office Wireless Network.vsdx, shows the placement of each WAP within the building.  


The firewall is located in the Data Center.  

IP Information:

The organization has an external IP address of and uses private IPv4 space on the 10 network. The IP space for internal routers and access points is 10.0.1.x with all IPs available above  

Before working on this assignment, research the wireless access point on the Cisco Meraki documentation site.

Using the information from the Cisco Meraki site, document the configuration value to implement each device in the WLAN Configuration Design Template to allow all networked computers to communicate with each other and the Internet. 

Complete the 1-page WLAN Configuration Design Template spreadsheet.

Create 1- to 2-page diagram depicting the process you took to identify the appropriate configuration settings for each device. Your audience is your director and you must be clear and explain the vulnerabilities that exist in the implemented environment. 

For the diagram you can use Visio®, Microsoft® Word, or PowerPoint® or other appropriate application.