Complete a Cybersecurity Policy Review assignment help

Complete a Cybersecurity Policy Review assignment help

Instruction for the Final Report

Administration Cybersecurity Policy Review

This comprehensive report should include the sections listed below and conclude with a statement that addresses (agree or disagree) with the following comment:

“Not all federal agencies need to follow FISMA or NIST recommendations for maintaining cybersecurity. After all, if the cyberinfrastructure of a government agency is attacked, no real harm is done to anyone except the complainants.”

Review the work you have done throughout the project. If necessary, review the eLearning modules in steps 1 and 5 and your Simtray Report completed in Step 4 along with the feedback from your instructor. And remember to tailor your report to your nontechnical audience.

Be sure to address the following items at some point in your report:

  • Document the cybersecurity policy issues faced by the United States.
  • Analyze the interrelations among cybersecurity technology decisions and cybersecurity policies.
  • Translate how cybersecurity policy choices affect cybersecurity technology research and development.
  • Compare and contrast key federal and state cybersecurity standards.
  • Assess the key points and principles in the NIST standards for cloud cybersecurity.
  • Develop an awareness program of the linkage(s) between US national security and US national priorities for securing cyberspace.
  • Compare and contrast US cybersecurity standards bodies.
  • Identify stakeholders to be contacted in the event of an organizational cybersecurity incident.
  • Compare and contrast cyberdefense and cyberattack, and discuss the relevant policies that underpin each term.

Report Sections

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Key Current Administration Cybersecurity Policy Tenets
  • Key Prior Administration Cybersecurity Policy Tenets
  • Comparison of Current and Prior Tenets
  • FISMA Conclusions
  • NIST Conclusions
    • Conclusion
    • Pro/Con Current vs. Prior
    • Pro/Con FISMA Regulation
    • Pro/Con NIST Guidelines
    • Reference Page