Community & Culture Education

After reviewing the videos, Power Points, and textbook content related to cultural competence, reflect on your role as a culturally competent educator. Identify one community resource and prepare an on-site interview with someone within the organization and spend 4 hours at the facility observing and gathering information. Thoroughly answer the questions on the attached “Community Culture Worksheet” to guide your interview and information gathering. Write a reflective paper from the information you have gained. See the attached  sample worksheet and paper.  Your assignment is to be submitted by week 7.

Use the following resources to help in your assignment selection and community resource.

The Journey to Cultural Competence  (

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Watch Video
New Bedford police addressing overdose epidemic

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Watch Video
Local nonprofits bringing health services to those with disabilities

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Watch Video
Kicked Out: LGBT Youth Experience Homelessness

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Working with people with intellectual disabilities is also challenging. Please review this video which will strengthen your understanding of “neurodiversity” and the idea that when teaching those with disability the educator should focus on the individual’s strengths rather than the disability.

Watch Video
Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders

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