Case Study: The Role of Root Cause Analysis in Public Safety ERM

Read Case Study: The Role of Root Cause Analysis in Public Safety ERM
Programs – Tackling Violent Crime (page 431 in Chapter 21 of the textbook.
Oil City is a sprawling North American city, with a population of nearly one million people. It is the main service town for a nearby oil and gas field, with many itinerant workers traveling between the city and the oil patch. As an energy- centric town, the local economy rides the waves of oil price fluctuations, with boom times drawing an influx of workers to the city who often spend money as quickly as they earn it. When the latest oil bubble bursts, these same workers often become. The population is increasingly multicultural, although the members of many immigrant groups feel increasingly isolated due to reasons of language, culture, and social status. First Nations people are drawn to the city from surrounding reserves in search of employment, but often struggle to find their place in a community that does not necessarily reflect their more traditional values. The city has brutally cold winters, and relatively short, dry summers that spawn regular tornados, making life difficult year-round for those forced to live rough. Like most North American cities, Oil City has seen a gradual decline in its reported crime rates since peaking in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While crime has gone down across the board, the incidence of violent crime (crimes involving the use, or threatened use, of force against a person) has slowly been climbing over the past decade.


In this assignment you will conduct a review of the literature on this case
study and write a literature review on this topic. There are many sites that can
assist in the formatting and content of a literature review. Here is an example:
Some of the questions or areas to consider are:
1. Identify an emerging crime issue in your community using data available from sources such as local newspapers, online police reporting, and so forth. Frame the situation, and then identify the restraining and driving forces that may be impacting the issue. 2. Using your force field analysis, develop a cause and effect diagram for the situation. 3. Either using a FMECA approach or some other appropriate RCA tool, identify five risk treatment actions you would recommend to the local Chief of Police to address the issue.
Literature Review Expectations:
At least 10 peer-reviewed articles are to be included in the literature review.
It should be organized by theme or subject of the article.
A minimum of one paragraph is required per article.

The review must be synthesized, and the articles analyzed for content as it relates to the content of the case study above.
It must be free of grammatical errors.
No evidence of plagiarism.
The literature review must be run through the plagiarism detector and no more than 25% of the articles should be used by another student.
If there is a greater than 25% match in the paper it will receive a point deduction of 50%.
If greater than 50% is a match the submission will receive a 0 without an option for resubmission.
If there is a match in articles the synthetization and analyzation of the material MUST be original for content.
Written Requirements


Be sure to use appropriate APA format and cite your Reading or other
sources that you used in your literature review.
The literature review should contain enough information to adequately answer
the business problem provided in the case study and contain no spelling,
grammar, or APA errors. Points deducted from grade for each writing,
spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion.
Also review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any
questions, please contact your professor.
Directions for Submitting Your Lab
Place your literature review in the drobox for the Unit 5 Assignment.

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