Case-Study: Nursing Core Competencies

Case-Study: Nursing Core Competencies

Case-Study: Nursing Core Competencies

Case-Study: Nursing Core Competencies


Week 1: Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies 3232 unread replies.100100 replies. Now that you have examined the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies, why do you think these competencies were selected? Which 2 of the 10 competencies will be most important to your future nursing practice and why?
Nursing competency includes core abilities that are required for fulfilling one’s role as a nurse. Therefore, it is important to clearly define nursing competency to establish a foundation for nursing education curriculum. However, while the concepts surrounding nursing competency are important for improving

nursing quality, they are still not yet completely developed. Thus, challenges remain in establishing definitions and structures for nursing competency, competency levels necessary for nursing professionals, training methods and so on. In the present study, we reviewed the research on definitions and attributes of nursing competency in Japan as well as competency structure, its elements and evaluation. Furthermore, we investigated training methods to teach nursing competency.

Keywords: concept, development support, nursing competence, structure of dimensions

Healthcare has greatly changed due to issues such as disease structure changes and a rapidly aging population with decreasing birthrates. Accordingly, healthcare and care provider systems are changing. For example, when a patient has an acute medical problem, the hospital is expected to provide short-term, intensive care. When the treatment is completed, home care is needed to provide support for treating the patient with dignity and respect until the end

of his/her life. Thus, nurses must provide comprehensive care that meets patients’ complex and diverse needs. Regardless of work setting, this is required of all nurses; presently, there is a growing expectation that nurses should be able to combine various sources of information and incorporate these into their decision-making and nursing practice.

Nurses are always challenged on how they can contribute to society as professionals. They are expected to take professional responsibilities for continuously providing direct care, protecting individual lives and supporting activities of daily living.

To accomplish this, it is important for nurses to improve their nursing competency and utilize it in their daily practice. Competence is an ability acquired through experience and learning. The concept of competence is two-fold: 1) potential abilities that may work effectively under certain circumstances and 2) motivation to show one’s usefulness using those abilities. On the other hand, competency is a behavioral characteristic that is based on one’s interests

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