Case of Alex and Sally sociology homework help

Case of Alex and Sally sociology homework help

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Case of Alex and Sally

You are working as a child protection caseworker for the state and have been concerned about one of your foster families. Earlier in the week, Martha (foster mom) called in distressed because baby Alex (10 months) did not seem to be engaging in social activities or learning much and she fears that he is “withdrawn and delayed”. She complained that his foster sister Sally (16 months) was much more adventurous and sociable. Both children have been evaluated by a child psychologist and were found to be within acceptable rates of development.

You have an appointment with Martha to discuss her concerns. How will you explain the influences of genetics and the environment to help her understand individual differences? What advice would you give to Martha to help her foster growth for Alex?

Title: Child Development: Topical Approach

Edition: 1st (2014)

Author: Robert S. Feldman Ph.D.

Publisher: Pearson Book

ISBN: 978-0-205-95988-4

Ebook ISBN: 9781269949088