Case-Assignment: Nasal saline spray

Case-Assignment: Nasal saline spray

Case-Assignment: Nasal saline spray

Case-Assignment: Nasal saline spray

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Week 9 Assignment 3 Quiz Question 1. Jonathan has been diagnosed with strep throat and needs a prescription for an antibiotic. He says the last time he had penicillin he developed a red, blotchy rash. The appropriate antibiotic to prescribe would be: Penicillin VK, since his rash does not sound like a serious rash Amoxicillin Cefadroxil (Duricef) Erythromycin Question 2. Tetracyclines are contraindicated in children younger than 8 years because of: Risk of developing cartilage problems Development of significant diarrhea Risk of kernicterus Adverse effects on bone growth Question 3. Lisa is a healthy non-pregnant adult woman who recently had a UTI. She is asking about drinking cranberry juice to prevent a recurrence of the UTI. The answer to give her would be: “Sixteen ounces per day of cranberry juice cocktail will prevent UTIs.” “100% cranberry juice or cranberry juice extract may decrease UTIs in some patients.” “There is no evidence that cranberry juice helps prevent UTIs.” “Cranberry juice only works to prevent UTIs in children.” Question 4. Rose is a 3 year old with an upper respiratory infection (URI). Treatment for her URI would include: Amoxicillin Diphenhydramine Pseudoephedrine Nasal saline spray Question 5. Patient education for a patient who is prescribed antibiotics for sinusitis includes: Use of nasal saline washes Use of inhaled corticosteroids Avoiding the use of ibuprofen while ill Use of laxatives to treat constipation

Many people with allergies look for simple remedies, especially if they don’t get enough relief from the usual medicines and treatments.

If you have a nasal allergy such as to pollen, a saltwater (saline) nasal spray may be one to consider.

How can it help my allergies?

Some studies show that a saline solution restores moisture to dry nasal passages and sinuses, and curbs inflammation of mucous membranes.

If you use a Neti pot or a small squirt bottle for saline irrigation regularly, it can help to thin mucus, give you less postnasal drip, and cleanse your nasal passages of bacteria.

What types can I use?

You can buy an over-the-counter saline solution or make one at home

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