Careers in Finance business and finance homework help

Careers in Finance business and finance homework help

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Careers in Finance

Imagine you have completed your bachelor’s degree at Strayer and you are searching for a job in finance, accounting or business. Using various employment websites (i.e.,, find three (3) careers in finance that you are interested in applying to. Be sure to specifically address why you are interested in the career, what qualifications you have or may need to get this position, and where do you see yourself in this career long-term. Be sure to cite the website where you found each career.

I decided to search “finance in 08619” on all three websites and then narrowed down my results to entry-level positions. On I found an administrative position with the Navy as a contract specialist. On I was interested in a portfolio specialist at Black Rock. had a position for a finance operations coordinator.

Out of those three positions, the contract specialist with the Navy is most appealing and probably the one I am most likely to be successful. I would be responsible for planning and negotiating different contracts, as well as writing and amending those contracts. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, “and completed at least 24 semester hours in any combination of the following fields: accounting, business, finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.” ( Completing my bachelor’s degree at Strayer would provide me the qualifications for this position; I also have references from current Federal employees which may help secure the position. The website does not provide information about career advancement, but if I have a comfortable life with enough I couldn’t care less about advancing a career. Though my current educational goals are to earn my MBA/JD, and the knowledge and experience from that program will advance this career. The Federal government also offers fantastic benefits, which is something I do care about; the dental plans I look through for some Federal employees are incredible and I could only imagine what the healthcare plans look like. They must be great if it was the reason my father married a third time!

The financial analyst position at Black Rock is appealing because it is close to home, and according to some of my patients promotes working from home. As a single parent, being able to work from home would be an amazing opportunity; I would not have to rely on others to help care for my son, because most sitters don’t meet my expectations. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, as are effective communication and presentation skills, the ability to work independently and with a team. Strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and multitask are also required. I lack experience with trading, a specific finance system (Fiserv APL), and passing of the Series 7 or 66 (though not mandatory at the time of hire, it is within 6 months of being hired). I’m not sure where this position would take me if I advance my career, but there are opportunities within Black Rock.

Lastly, my search brought to my attention an entry-level finance operations coordinator in the consumer manufactured goods industry. The position manages order processing procedures. It also serves as a liaison between customers, warehouse management, and the account department by providing required invoices and packing slips. The position calls for great written and verbal communication skills, and strong customer service skills. The strong customer service skills are what appealed most to me about this position; I possess them and am very customer centric. The position also requires an attention to detail and strong organizational abilities. I don’t know if there is much career advancement available for this position; it reports directly to the general manager and the ad makes it seem like a smaller company. Though, that would give me an opportunity to see and assist it grow.