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In previous chapters, we learned that life is very diverse. Organisms range from single cells to multi-celled. Some organisms cannot even be seen with the naked eye. Is diversity increasing or decreasing? In the future, will we have more organisms? Does our population play a role in the lives of other organisms? Should we be concerned if an organism goes extinct? The following exploratory activity will help you understand threats to organisms, what is being done to save them, and how organisms are classified.


1.  Subdivide organisms according to taxonomic classification.

2.  Evaluate the effects of human habits on ecosystems and organisms.


Computer with internet access


1.  Go to:

2.  In the Search Term Box, type in your state or a state you are interested in (Alabama, Florida, etc.)

3.  Pick one of the organisms from the list, and answer the following questions. Do not pick an organism that is of least concern.

  1. Type all answers directly on the data sheet.
  2. Select Save As, and use your last name and student ID as a file name. 
  3. Upload the data sheet as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file when finished.
Enter your answer to the DOC I attached here: UnitV_Assessment.doc 

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