Bill Gates and motivational concepts social science homework help

Bill Gates and motivational concepts social science homework help

Examine the motivational concepts below and show how Bill Gates at Microsoft has either applied or missed applying these concepts in one page (times new roman 12 double spaced). Include references in APA format:

1. If employees suffer from over-routinization of their work, one alternative is job rotation , or the periodic shifting of an employee from one task to another with similar skill requirements at the same organizational level (also called cross-training).

2.Job enrichment expands jobs by increasing the degree to which the worker controls the planning, execution, and evaluation of the work. An enriched job allows the worker to do a complete activity, increases the employee’s freedom and independence, increases responsibility, and provides feedback so individuals can assess and correct their own performance.

3. Alternative work arrangement’s (flex- time, work from home, etc)

4. Job sharing

5. Employee involvement.

6. Almost every country in western Europe requires companies to practice representative participation , called “the most widely legislated form of employee involvement around the world.”51 Its goal is to redistribute power within an organization, putting labor on a more equal footing with the interests of management and stockholders by letting workers be represented by a small group of employees who actually participate.

7. Using rewards to motivate employees. (pay, benefits, etc)