Becoming american chinese experience assignment help

Becoming american chinese experience assignment help

Watch the film “Becoming American – The Chinese Experience” (1hr 29m)

List five things you’ve learned from the film with examples from the film.

This film is about the Chinese Exclusion Act, to expand on this, please select a date/act or policy from this website:… and investigate how these policies or acts affected the lives of Asian/Chinese Americans during that period (one date/policy or act per student, you cannot select the same date as another student).

Create two discussion questions for your peers to answer.

Include references at the bottom of the post.


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Becoming American: The Chinese Experience was interesting, insightful, and eye opening to see Chinese history. I learned a lot through this film; for example, I learned that after the Chinese Exclusion Act was established Chinese people found a place in San Francisco that made them feel safe, which was known as China Town. Another thing I learned in the film was that women were treated poorly. I knew that Chinese women would use feet binding, but I thought it was used because it was a trend; through the film I learned that feet binding was use so that women could not walk far. In addition, I learned that Chinese Americans were the first people who had to sneak into America. The way they did this was to pretend they were Mexican or paint themselves black. Even though, Chinese Americans were sent to Angel Island they still though America was a place for opportunities. Angel Island did not stop Chinese people from coming to America. After learning some of the limitations Chinese Americans had, I found it refreshing that there was an Asian American actress in Hollywood. Anna May Wong was an American born actress who worked hard to get in Hollywood; she took whatever role she could get even though they were either a small part or the fallen woman. By taking any role she can get people noticed her.

In 1943, the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed. After it was repealed an immigration quota was established; it allowed 105 visas to be given per year. This was kind of a big step, but at the same time not because the Immigration Act of 1924 was not yet repealed. This made it that foreigners, even Chinese, were not allowed to become citizens or enter the United States. The Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed because the United States wanted to strengthen their ally ties with China.


1.) How did some Chinese people gain their citizenship after the fire of immigration records?

2.) Why was Angel Island created?


and reply to this discussion too : –

5 things I learned from the film:

Chinese were barred from public schools and hospitals and there were special taxes on Chinese miners, fishermen and launderers.

Donaldina Cameron rescued women from brothels and any women or girls mistreated by men. She brought them back to the mission home and taught them English. Mission girls were the first amongst Chinese women to go to university and to vote.

I knew about paper sons but did not know that it cost thousands. In the video, one man said that his paper cost $2,000 and another woman said hers costed $4,500. Back in the 1800’s, that equates to a lot more and I was surprised that folks were able to gather that much money.

Asian actors and actress were portrayed as the villains, a surprise to today’s media portrayal of Asian actors and actresses as nerdy, quiet and the sidekick.

Anna May Wong needed to visit an immigration spectrum and travel with white witnesses to testify on her behalf that she was an American citizen.

1946 Luce-Cellar Bill:

President Harry Truman signs the Luce Celler Act, granting naturalization rights to Filipinos and Asian Indians. It allowed a quota of 100 Indians and Filipinos to immigrate to the US and allowing those already in the US to become naturalized US citizens.


Why did 1906 San Francisco fire benefit the Chinese?

What do you think were going on in the minds of Chinese immigrants when they were being interrogated and detained at Angel Island?