Assignment: Suffering from depression

Assignment: Suffering from depression

Assignment: Suffering from depression


# 1.31

(1 pts.) Which of the following facts led Dr. Tobin to hypothesize that Janice Butterfield was suffering from depression even during their initial phone conversation?

A) Janice’s rapid speech and grandiose thinking

B) Janice’s faint and slow-paced speech

C) Janice’s melodramatic tone

D) Janice’s delusional thinking

# 1.32

(1 pts.) John is in a period of intense disruptive and heightened thinking, behavior, and emotionality. John is experiencing a(n) ____ episode.

A) depressive

B) euphoric

C) dysthymic .

D) manic

# 1.33

(1 pts.) Howard suffers from mild mood swings that range from dysphoria to hypomania. His mood can change rapidly and at times his behavior borders on eccentric, but he still holds down a job at the neighborhood hardware store, and his marriage although a bit strained is on good ground. Howard might be diagnosed as having

A) bipolar disorder.

B) major depressive disorder.

C) hypomania.

D) cyclothymic disorder

# 1.34

(1 pts.) Based on Seligman’s ideas regarding depression, which of the following attributions would be made by an individual likely to become depressed?

A) I failed this exam because I am stupid.

B) I missed the game-tying foul shot because I was nervous.

C) I broke up with my girlfriend because of a difference of opinion.

D) I was fired because my boss was a jerk.

# 1.35

(1 pts.) Brad’s therapist is treating his depression by helping Brad evaluate the rationality of his automatic thoughts, and identify and alter the silent dysfunctional assumptions he makes about things that happen to him. Based on this information, it sounds as if Brad’s therapist may be _____ in her orientation.

A) psychodynamic

B) behavioral

C) cognitive

D) interpersonal

# 1.36

(1 pts.) Beth is suffering from major depressive disorder. Which of the following facts might lead her therapist to be highly concerned about the possibility of her committing suicide?

A) the fact that she is middle-aged.

B) the fact that her GABA levels are so high .

C) the fact that two of her relatives have committed suicide

D) the fact that she has lost her job.

# 1.37

(1 pts.) Although Juanita has been severely depressed, her motor activity has been frantic. The term for this type of motor activity is

A) psychomotor agitation.

B) somatic hysteria.

C) psychomotor hyperactivity.

D) somatic mania.

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