Assignment: Sexual stimulation

Assignment: Sexual stimulation

# 1.14

(1 pts.) Sandy is interested in sexual activity and does become sexually aroused. However, despite sexual stimulation, she cannot achieve orgasm. Sandy might have which sexual dysfunction?

A) female orgasmic disorder

B) vaginismus

C) dysorgasmia

D) hypoactive sexual desire disorder

# 1.15

(1 pts.) Karen and Mark are being treated for a sexual dysfunction and their therapist is urging them to take turns stimulating each in nonsexual ways for a few weeks. Their therapist is using which of the following methods?

A) the squeeze technique

B) the start-stop procedure

C) systematic resensitization

D) sensate focus

# 1.16

(1 pts.) Clark has recently become interested in being spanked before engaging in intercourse. He can become sexually aroused if he is not spanked but enjoys this as a sort of passing fancy. How might you describe dark’s condition?

A) He has a sexual dysfunction.

B) He has a paraphilia.

C) He is a sadist.

D) He does not necessarily have a sexual disorder.

# 1.17

(1 pts.) Bob has intense recurrent fantasies in which he is walking along the beach and a woman approaches. As she gets near, he unbuttons his pants and exposes his genitals to her. At that instant, she falls madly in love with him and they make love in the sand. Bob occasionally acts out these fantasies, and might be given the diagnosis of

A) sexual sadism.

B) exhibitionism.

C) transvestic fetishism.

D) frotteurism.

# 1.18

(1 pts.) A woman is erotically obsessed with men’s ankles to the point of exclusion of all other erotic stimuli. This woman’s desires are illustrative of

A) partialism.

B) sadism.

C) frotteurism.

D) voyeurism.

# 1.19

(1 pts.) Jeff has a compulsive desire to wear women’s clothes. He is able to achieve sexual arousal only when he cross-dresses. Jeff might be given the diagnosis of

A) sexual sadism.

B) voyeurism.

C) fetishism.

D) transvestic fetishism.

# 1.20

(1 pts.) In the 70s, Dr. Richard Raskin underwent a radical surgery in which his assigned sex was changed. He is now known as a woman named Renee Richards. Prior to the surgery Dr. Raskin might have been diagnosed as having

A) sexual aversion disorder.

B) gender identity disorder.

C) transvestic fetishism.

D) male erectile disorder.

# 1.21

(1 pts.) John gets nauseous when he thinks about having sexual intercourse and he actively avoids the sexual advances of others. John might be diagnosed as having

A) male erectile disorder.

B) sexual aversion disorder.

C) dyspareunia.

D) inhibited male orgasm disorder.

# 1.22

(1 pts.) Joseph experiences such intense and recurrent genital pain during sexual intercourse that even the thought of having sex is unbearable. Joseph might have

A) erectile disorder.

B) vaginismus.

C) dyspareunia.

D) inhibited male orgasm.

# 1.23

(1 pts.) Based on this information in the case report in the textbook, what assessment information might have led Dr. Tobin to conclude that Shaun Boyden was abused as a child?

A) His Rorschach responses indicated a great deal of impulsivity.

B) Shaun’s verbal IQ was somewhat higher than his performance IQ.

C) Shaun’s score on one of the MMPI lie scales indicated his responses were guarded.

D) His TAT stories contained themes of victimization.

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