Assignment: Male Reproductive System

Assignment: Male Reproductive System

Assignment: Male Reproductive System

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Chapter 16: Renal System and Male reproductive System

1. The activation of angiotensin does which of the following:

a. Vasoconstriction b. Increase the resorption of sodium and water c. Increase blood volume d. Decrease blood volume

2. A 56 year old male presents to the clinic with the following complaints: increased urgency and frequency of urination, fever, malaise. Urinalysis reveals cloudy urine with white blood cells and bacteria present. Which of the following is a likely diagnosis?

a. Benign prostatic hypertrophy b. Chlamydia c. acute bacterial prostatitis d. Prostate cancer

3. A 32-year-old man comes to his physician complaining of frequency, dysuria, and urgency for several days, as well as pain in the perineal region. The digital rectal examination is extremely painful. He most likely has

A. A primary chancre of syphilis in his genital organs B. A bladder infection C. Pyelonephritis D. Kidney stones

E. Acute prostatitis

4. One of the kidneys of an 18-month-old girl is removed because she has had repeated urinary tract infections. The kidney is smaller than normal and contains many cysts. Microscopic examination shows poorly developed and disorganized glomeruli, and tubules and islands of cartilage in the cortex. The renal pelvis, calyces, and proximal ureter are dilated. The other kidney appears entirely normal. This condition is called

A. Potter’s syndrome B. Infantile polycystic kidney disease C. Horseshoe kidney D. Renal agenesis

E. Renal dysplasia

5. Which of the following patients is not at increased risk for developing a urinary tract infection?

A. A 73-year-old, demented man with an indwelling urinary catheter

B. A 25-year-old, recently married woman

C. A 2-year-old boy with ureteral reflux

D. An 82-year-old man with severe prostatic hypertrophy

E. A 70-year-old man with prostatic carcinoma

6. A 56-year-old man has a hard, irregular lump in the posterior lobe of his prostate. Which of the following signs or symptoms would most likely be present?

A. Elevated prostate specific antigen B. Hematuria C. Casts in the urine

D. Urinary frequency E. Dysuria

7. A 69-year-old man presents to the clinician complaining of unilateral flank pain and hematuria for several weeks. He does not have a fever. The physician can palpate a mass in the patient’s right flank. The best way to diagnose this patient’s condition is:

A. Cystoscopy B. Intravenous pyelogram C. Cytologic examination of urine

D. CT scan E. Digital rectal exam

8. The most common causes of dialysis-dependence in the United States are

A. Urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis B. Membranous and mesangial nephropathy due to systemic lupus erythematosus

C. Hypertension and diabetes D. Congenital conditions such as polyceptic kidney disease

E. Various types of renal cell carcinomas

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