Assignment: Levels of dopamine

Assignment: Levels of dopamine

Assignment: Levels of dopamine

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# 1.59

(1 pts.) Low levels of dopamine are associated with ______, while high levels of dopamine are generally associated with ______.

A) tardive dyskinesia; Parkinson’s disease

B) Graves’ disease; Parkinson’s disease

C) schizophrenia; Alzheimer’s disease

D) Parkinson’s disease; schizophrenia

# 1.60

(1 pts.) Before developing schizophrenia, Reggie was a relatively successful attorney, but has stopped working and now prefers to wander the streets in preparation for an “airlift” of humans by extraterrestrials. Reggie’s story lends credibility to which hypothesis regarding the relationship between social class and schizophrenic symptoms?

A) downward social drift hypothesis.

B) social causation hypothesis.

C) double bind hypothesis.

D) milieu hypothesis.

# 1.61

(1 pts.) Lori has a constant sensation that she has snakes crawling through her intestines. Lori is experiencing a(n)

A) hallucination.

B) delusion.

C) apparition.

D) chimera.

# 1.62

(1 pts.) Even while talking about the death of her husband a decade ago, Carol giggles almost uncontrollably. Many people in the hospital characterize her as being silly. What type of schizophrenia might she have?

A) undifferentiated schizophrenia

B) disorganized schizophrenia

C) catatonic schizophrenia

D) paranoid schizophrenia

# 1.63

(1 pts.) Why might it be difficult to determine the incidence and prevalence of schizoaffective disorder?

A) because of the overlap between this disorder, the schizophrenias, and the mood disorders

B) because most individuals who suffer from this disorder are misdiagnosed as having an anxiety disorder

C) because of the highly specific criteria that must be met in order to receive this diagnosis

D) because most psychiatrists use this diagnosis as a catch-all category for a variety of disorders

# 1.64

(1 pts.) A woman is absolutely convinced that her recent car accident was actually an attempt on her life by the CIA. What delusional disorder might she have?

A) delusional disorder, grandiose type

B) delusional disorder, jealous type

C) delusional disorder, persecutory type

D) delusional disorder, somatic type

# 1.65

(1 pts.) Roger is participating in a test that requires him to stare at a computer screen on which several letters of the alphabet are being flashed at a very high speed. Every time Roger sees the letter Q he is supposed to press a button. Roger is involved in a test of

A) smooth pursuit eye movements.

B) sustained attention.

C) sensory gating.

D) event related potential.

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