Assignment: genetic disorders

Assignment: genetic disorders

Assignment: genetic disorders

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Question 14.                     

A group of researchers has identified that the prevalence of two particular genetic disorders share a statistical correlation. Which of the following statements best conveys the genetic rationale for this situation?

There is likely a cause-and-effect relationship between the two genes responsible.

The chromosomes containing each gene are likely closely situated.

The genes causing each disorder are likely in the same section of the same chromosome.

The disorders likely share the same locus.

Question 15.                     

A researcher is involved in the production of insulin through recombinant DNA technology. Which of the following statements could the researcher best provide as a rationale for her work?

The gene fragment responsible for insulin production can be isolated and reproduced.

Particular bacteria are capable of insulin production.

It is possible to reproduce the chromosome responsible for insulin production.

Recombination of DNA base pairs can result in a gene that will produce insulin.

Question 16.                     

An infant who is four days postpartum has been diagnosed with a single-gene disorder. The parents of the child have a number of questions about the etiology of the health problem, which the physician is attempting to address in detail. Which of the following teaching points most accurately captures an aspect of single-gene congenital disorders?

Affected genes are present on autosomal chromosomes rather than sex chromosomes.

The majority of single-gene disorders manifest near the time of puberty.

A particular defect can be caused by mutations at one of several different loci.

Single-gene disorders are associated with existing rather than new mutations.

Question 17.                     

A male patient of a nurse practitioner has an autosomal dominant disorder. The patient and his partner are considering starting a family. Which of the patient’s following statements indicates the patient has an adequate understanding of the genetic basis of this health problem?

“I know there’s no way of accurately determining the chance that my child will inherit the disease.”

“My children who don’t have the disease still run the risk of passing it on to their children.”

“I know that new genetic mutations won’t occur between generations.”

“I know that a single mutant allele is to blame for the health problem.”

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