Assignment: Biological Evolution

Assignment: Biological Evolution

Assignment: Biological Evolution

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Question 1

What is biological evolution?

the development of traits that organisms need in order to become more complex

gene changes in populations over many generations

the change that occurs in individuals as they try to survive in their environment

the steps by which the first life was created on earth from random molecules

Question 2

Which of the following BEST describes why the process of evolution is easier to study in fruit flies than in birds?

Fruit flies have a much shorter generation time than birds.

Fruit flies are smaller than birds.

Fruit flies have a simpler diet than birds.

Fruit flies do not live as long as birds.

Question 3

Which of the following groupings is the MOST appropriate according to the classification system developed by Linnaeus?

Group 1: whale, giant fruit bat, giant walking stick (an insect); Group 2: penguin, ostrich, human; Group 3: hummingbird, bee, water strider bug

Group 1: penguin, ostrich, hummingbird; Group 2: water strider bug, giant walking stick (an insect); Group 3: whale, human, giant fruit bat

Group 1: hummingbird, ostrich, bee; Group 2: whale, human, penguin; Group 3: giant walking stick (an insect), water strider bug, giant fruit bat

Group 1: penguin, water strider bug, whale; Group 2: ostrich, giant walking stick (an insect), human; Group 3: hummingbird, bee, giant fruit bat

Question 4

Polar bears from the Arctic do not produce offspring with the speckled bear of South America due to:

temporal isolation.

gamete incompatibility.

behavioral isolation.

spatial isolation.

Question 5

Which of the following statements BEST describes the current knowledge about Earth’s biodiversity?

It is relatively common for scientists to discover new or fossil organisms that are completely different from other organisms.

Most species that have existed on Earth are alive today.

There is uncertainty about the diversity within various species.

Scientists generally agree that most species have been identified.

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