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Week 5 Individual Assignment: Leadership and Change
Due: Day 7
Point Value: 100 points

The Archie Norman case from the video and readings describes a successful leadership intervention to transform a company on the verge of collapse. As you read the case and the article and view the video, think about the five (5) principles that leaders use to mobilize people to do adaptive work as outlined in the Heifetz and Laurie article. Your assignment is to write a 500-750 word, single-spaced paper that addresses the following questions.

  1. First, analyze the leadership style of Archie Norman. Specifically, to what extent, in your opinion, did Norman’s leadership behavior reflect the principles in the Heifetz and Laurie article? Be sure to provide examples.
  2. Second, now that you have applied the principles of leadership to the case study, apply your learnings to your “real-life” experience—either work or outside of work, and specifically, think of a situation where the leader either applied or should have applied the five principles. Describe the situation briefly, discuss how the principles were applied (or why they should have been), and what happened—either positive or negative. Be specific; use examples.
    Watch: video
  3. View:Steve Tappin Interviews Archie Norman, …” (Transcript)

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