Assessing: Dark-skinned Patient

Assessing: Dark-skinned Patient

Assessing: Dark-skinned Patient


Question 1

A dark-skinned patient completes the health history questionnaire, which states that he identifies himself as Black American? According to Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Assessment Model, which culture group could this patient belong to?

Black, African American, or “person of color”

Jamaican or other Caribbean nation of origin

Nigeria or other African nation of origin

Any of the above

Question 2

When caring for a patient from the Hispanic/Latino culture, a nurse would know that the patient respects the nurse’s knowledge and position by which action?

Shaking the nurse’s hand

Giving the nurse a big hug

Avoiding direct eye contact

Ensuring direct eye contact

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Question 3

Which of the following cultures views birth control methods other than rhythm as unacceptable because of their religious Catholic beliefs?



Puerto Rican

South American

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Question 4

Which of the following responses might be expected from a Hispanic/Latino patient in pain?

Verbal and loud ensuring pain medication from the nurse

Stoic, therefore less likely be to acknowledged by the nurse

Assertively requesting pain medication when needed

Quiet which allows the nurse to ask the patient repeatedly if they want pain medication

Question 5

The major assumption within traditional African beliefs is that a person’s health or illness is directly influenced by her or his ___________________ with nature.

Concordance or Discordance

Agreement or Disagreement

Harmony or Disharmony

Balance and Imbalance

Question 6

Blacks Americans in the U.S. experience higher rates of mortality than any other racial or ethnic group in relation to heart disease, cancer and cerebrovascular disease. This indicates that _________________.

Blacks Americans enjoy greater health and fewer healthcare disparities than White Americans.

Black Americans suffer more from these problems than White Americans, which indicates a healthcare disparity.

White Americans suffer more from unequal access to healthcare resources than Black Americans.

Black Americans must engage in unhealthy lifestyles despite a focus on preventative care.

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Question 7

Racial disparities between the White and Black population have continued to improve; however, large disparities in ______________ among the Black population persists.

Infant mortality

Smallpox infection

Influenza mortality

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Question 8

Which of the following languages are spoken by Black Americans in the United States?

English and various African languages



All of the above

None, there are no differences

Question 9

A novice nurse assumes care of a patient in which the medical record section for “race/ethnicity” has been left blank. Which action by the nurse would be best indicated?

No action is needed as it does not affect the patient’s care.

Ask the patient how he/she prefers to be identified.

Ask the patient’s physician to avoid offending the patient.

Continue with the routine plan of care because you know that the social worker will collect this information prior to discharge.

Question 10

The U.S census data reveals remarkable growth of the Black American population in the United States. This is attributed to:

the birthrate among Blacks who are U.S. citizens.

immigration from Central and South America.

the high birthrate among immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean.

immigration from Africa, Latin America the Caribbean.

Question 11

Which of the following barriers do Mexican American cultures experience when utilizing the United States healthcare system?

Lack of access to adequate healthcare insurance

Lack of access or transportation to receive medical treatment

If Illegal or undocumented, do not quality for Medicare or Medicaid

All of the above

Question 12

Which of the following is a major obstacle that some Black Americans believe causes unfair treatment by health care providers?

Religious practices

The way English is spoken

Confrontational communication

Cultural insensitivity

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