african history history homework help

african history history homework help

write 3 paragraphs answering these question (not long paragraphs)

Study Guide: Religion and the African Diaspora (pages 445-499 in the textbook)

Key Focus Questions:

1. What are the four basic ways that “New World religions” sought to assist its followers?

2. How did African religious expression begin to emerge in the New World during the 17th and 18th centuries?

3. Through the forging of religious identities, Africans built a foundation of a distinct culture. How did religion shape the political and social outlook of blacks?

4. What were the meanings of various religious practices and beliefs? What were the main characteristics of religion in the African Diaspora?

5. How did religion create the basis of a collective black identity?

6. Certain religious beliefs among the enslaved black population were well entrench. What were they?

7. What was the significance of the Great Awakening for blacks in North America?

8. How did religion play a role in resisting or accommodating slavery?

9. What roles did women play in the development of black religion?