30 minutes browsing Kanopy assignment help

30 minutes browsing Kanopy assignment help

For this discussion board, please spend at least 30 minutes browsing Kanopy, https://usf.kanopystreaming.com/Links to an external site.. This is a streaming site funded by your student technology fee. In other words, YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR IT, and therefore, I recommend at least trying it out. I became aware of this service a semester ago, and last semester some of the students used this website to find more information about our topics.

In your 30 minutes of looking at Kanopy, please try to find a video that is of personal interest to you, and a video that could be useful to get more knowledge for a paper in this class.

1) A confirmation that you spent at least 30 minutes browsing Kanopy and a few (2-3) sentences about how the experience was for you.

2) The name of a video you found on Kanopy that you think could be used to get more information about topics for our class: immigration, diversity, or globalization. Skimwatch the video, state what it is about, and give your idea about how you could use the video for a position paper where you state your opinion and persuade others about it through pathos, logos, and ethos. I think you can accomplish this in 2-3 sentences.

3) The name of a video that interests you personally, a brief description of what it seems the video is about, and why you are interested in this (could be academic interest, or personal interest). Again, 2-3 sentences will be sufficient here. Say whether this video reminds you of anything you have studied in your courses at USF, or before USF.