2023 You are to choose an organization of interest to you Preferably this will – Term Paper Buddy

Social Science 2023 Community Assessment Paper

2023 You are to choose an organization of interest to you Preferably this will – Term Paper Buddy


You are to choose an organization of interest to you. Preferably, this will be a social services/ human services organization. Discuss with your instructor if you have difficulty identifying an organization.  Through interviews, observations, and/or experience, students are to conduct an organizational assessment.  The purpose of this assignment is to assess the student’s ability to apply course readings and discussions to a functioning organization.  Students are encouraged to think critically about and demonstrate a clear understanding of the organization, its structure, and its interactions with the community.

You will submit your organizational assessment via JCC web and your instructor will review for grading.  This paper should be no less than six pages in length and not more than ten pages in length.  The paper is to be written in APA style of writing with a minimum of five citations. The paper should include a cover page and a reference page.  Please use the Grammarly APP to edit your paper.


Briefly describe the organization that is the focus of your assessment [Mission, services, size (# of employees, clients), organizational type (public, private non-profit, private for-profit), funding].

What is the connection between your organization and a larger global environment?

How are the levels, forms, and spaces of power illustrated in your organization?  How do you feel about power as an intern/ employee of the organization?

Choose one theory that you like and apply it to your organization.

How does your organization use data or community input to influence programming?

Which one of the models, or aspects of any of the models, influences the programming in your organization?  Even if you are in a clinical setting, push your thinking, what elements of these models do you see influencing your organization?

What is your organizational culture?  Strengths and challenges?

What is the source of funding for the organization?

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