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Los Angeles County verses Mendez, this case is still pending, and should be heard before 2017 is out. This case can also take away the immunity of police officers for the use of “excessive force”. Two homeless people where using an abandon barn to live in, the police stormed in, (without a warrant)and one of the homeless men pointed a bb gun at the officer and was shot. I think the ruling will go in favor of Mendez. There are many ways the police could’ve removed the two individuals with out just storming in, for one they could’ve bang on the door, and wall and then identified themselves as police officer’s. Then they stormed in without a warrant, the barging in scared the two men,(which caused him to raise the bb gun out of fear) because it could’ve been anybody storming in. There was no real threat with the removal of two homeless men, they way the officer’s handled the situation wasn’t procedure.


I chose a much older case, Engel v. Vitale (1962). The facts leading up to this case were that New York state law required school students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and to have a nondenominational prayer before the start of every school day. The law did allow students to refrain from participating if they chose. The case was brought to the Supreme Court as a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The Establishment Clause states that there will be no government appointed/sponsored religion. The argument was that by passing the law New York was violating the First Amendment of the Constitution. The court found that it was a violation of the Establishment Clause by a vote of 8-1. I agree with this ruling, I feel that religion should play no part in politics and should be completed divested from each other. History shows way too many examples of what happens if a religion or a government is in charge of one another, and it rarely turns out well.…

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watch Wall Street (1987) film and write short essay. 2 pages double spaced and write how it relates to the theory of DIFFERENTIAL ASSOCIATION. definition is in link below or you can google it yourself.…

Hist 1302 discussion 6 What is the basis of the opposition to the Brown decision as expressed in this document history homework help

What is the basis of the opposition to the Brown decision as expressed in this document?

According to the manifesto, whose power would the federal government usurp by implementing Brown?

What role did “habits,” “customs,” and “traditions” play in the arguments presented in the document?