I would say the second option is easier, if you do it, you can just BS what you are gonna “do”, please just have it at least 3-5 paragraphs 🙂

Lesson 1 Eco Credit

After watching the short film, An Inconvenient Truth gather further information (from books and websites you find) on the effects of global warming on weather, agriculture, forest ecosystems, water resources, coastal areas, and biodiversity. Choose the aspect of this issue that you would most like to share with others.

You may choose to do one of the following for eco-credit:

• Discuss the issues you are studying with friends and family. You may even want to bring this to a group discussion forum or write a letter to a government official as well as to the editor of your local newspaper. Share the discussion and reactions you encounter.

• Choose an action you can take related to global warming. Try it and evaluate whether it is the right type of service for you.


For this discussion use your Ethics in Health Administration text to read the following: Chapter 8, “Technology and Ethics,” pages 165–186. And used Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text to read the following: Chapter 12, “Operations Management,” pages 201–215.

Also use the Internet to read or review the following resources:

Wynn, J. D., Draffin, E., Jones, A., & Reida, L. (2014). The Vidant Health quality transformation. Joint Commission Journal on Quality & Patient Safety, 40(5), 212–218.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (n.d.). HIPAA enforcement.

Vidant Health. (2015).

Joint Commission. (2016).

1. Case Study 1: Vidant Health- used text book for answering question. Post must be 400*800 words

In your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text, the authors highlight Vidant Health as an example of how quality audits results can lead to quality improvement in operations management (pages 213 &214).

Review the Mini-Case Study: Change for the Better in your textbook, and the Vidant Health resources linked in your Unit 7 studies. Utilize and directly refer to these resources as you address each of the three Mini-Case Study Questions on page 214. Your personal resource list, compiled in the first discussion in Units 1 and 2, will be useful for analyzing this case study as well.

2.Case Study 2: HIPAA Violations-use text book for answering question. Post must be 400-800 words

Health care leaders must understand and respect the depth of the ethical implications related to the use of technology and data in all aspects of management, from patient care to operations management. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) identifies real-life cases of HIPAA violations on its Web site and these cases are shared in the media.

Chapter 12 of your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers textbook summarizes six of the most significant violation cases in recent years. Choose one of these cases listed on pages 215–216 under For Your Consideration (or a more recent occurrence) to evaluate. Research the OCR investigation and outcomes in detail. In your main post, summarize the details of the case and violations, and explain how and why actions taken within the organizations violated ethical principles. Recommend a strategy a health care manager might take to ensure this type of violation can be prevented. Be sure to cite and reference your additional research resources in your work


I need the most recent and updated research about Epididymitis, Please Focused in:

1. Patient assessment ( physical exam with Epididymitis, including testicular pain)

2. Nursing care plan

3. Pharmacologic treatment

4. Non-pharmacology treatment.

5. Differential diagnosis (more than 3)

6. Follow up, and Prognosis

Please use APA style, reference no more than 5 years ago, more than 4 references.

See attachment for example


Please provide references and in-text-citation

  • Using the format outlined on the PICO reference page in the Nursing Reference Center design your own question. (This may be related to something you are familiar with, or something you imagine to be an issue in nursing. It is BEST if you keep it simple!)
  • Next research reliable data bases or websites and find three articles that are related to your PICO (these MUST BE referenced on your reference page).
  • Analyze the articles – write one paragraph about the similarities and/or differences in the articles related to your PICO.

Your Essay should be outlined by using steps 1-3 of the EBP process.

Module 08 Written Assignment – PICO(T) and EBP

Points/Grading Rubric:



Create a question using PICO format


Identify three reliable sources of information related to your PICO


Discuss similarities and differences related to your PICO


Grammar, APA and Organization